A box has arrived (this time), so please come

on Sunday November 24 at 4pm
to Dexter Sinister, 38 Ludlow Street (basement), NYC

for the launch of the eleventh issue of F.R.DAVID, "All distinctions are mind, by mind, of mind" with readings by Kendra Sullivan, David Reinfurt and Will Holder.


"All distinctions are mind, by mind, of mind" is comparative -- making divisions and splits in order to read the design of rhetoric in the stories we tell about our fictional and professional selves.

With: Abra Ancliffe, Robert Ashley, Ricardo Basbaum, Michael Gazzaniga, Ken Jacobs, Shane Krepakevich, John Latham, Ezra Pound, Kendra Sullivan, Sergei Tret'iakov, Marina Vishmidt, Rebecca Wilcox & Sarah Rose and many more.

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