Friday 23 January, from 7pm

at Dexter Sinister
38 Ludlow Street (basement south)
between Hester and Grand

To celebrate the inauguration
Stephane Rebillard of financial district salon "Coiffeur"
will give free haircuts in a True Mirror *
to invert regular hairstyles in line with the Hair Part Theory **

plus a crop of new publications

- Dot Dot Dot 17
- Sugar in the Air
- Asleep in the Afternoon
- God's Amateur
- Sudden White (after London)
- Between Thought and Sound
- F.R.DAVID "A is for 'orses" (Not for Asses)
- True Mirror Microfiche Post-Script
- and a book with a green cover

* The True Mirror Company has created a mirror that will revolutionize the way people view themselves. Constructed from two mirrors positioned at an exact 90 degree angle, the True Mirror reflects true images of its viewers; it does not reverse images the way all other mirrors do. When a person looks in an ordinary mirror and raises his right arm, what he sees is his image raising the arm on the left side. In a True Mirror, the reflection actually raises the right arm; the mirror thus provides a true picture of how he appears to others.

** The Hair Part Theory by Catherine Walter and John Walter is a completely new idea that states that the way one parts their hair affects the way they are perceived by others, and these effects over the long term can and do change personalities. Some surprisingly accurate predictions of personality and behavior can be made by applying the theory to individuals. The Hair Part Theory reveals new insights to the 2008 Presidential candidates, and can help explain voter choices in this chaotic election season. Typical of most leaders in our culture, almost all of them part their hair on one side or the other, with only Barack Obama standing out as a charismatic "no-parter".

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