with contributions by Stuart Bailey, Rob Giampietro, Anthony Huberman, J. Christopher Jones, Louis Kaplan, Edgar Allan Poe, Seth Price, David Reinfurt, David Senior, and Giles Weaver

The first part of this book comprises texts we've previously published elsewhere as PDFs in the Library at www.dextersinister.org, as loose stencil-printed signatures titled 'Every day the urge grows stronger …' and as a bound version of those signatures titled 'Library Book.'

The second part of this book comprises a portfolio of ten images, collectively titled 'W.A.S.T.E. Proof Prints,' along with their accompanying extended captions.

Produced and published by Sternberg Press in an edition of 1000, Portable Document Format is the inaugral publication of The Serving Library. See also http://www.servinglibrary.org


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