Please come to Dexter Sinister
38 Ludlow Street, Basement South
on Saturday, March 26th all day between 12 and 6 pm.


For the second installment of The Mushroom Collection, Jason Fulford turns the underground space at 38 Ludlow Street into a one-day darkroom. Bring a small object (less than 4 inches in any one dimension) to pass through a slot in the wall. Jason will alchemically convert your object into light, removing one dimension in the process. A photogram will be returned through the slot and then you'll leave.

* Meanwhile *

If you can bear it, please watch this 3-minute video and consider helping us launch The Serving Library, a long-term extension of Dexter Sinister. If not, we would be grateful if you could pass the link on to someone who might be willing:


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