at the Institute of Contemporary Arts as part of Talk Show
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

Saturday May 30, 7pm, FREE

Repeating our recent performance True Mirror Microfiche at the Kitchen (last November) which continued our no-longer-recent project for the 2008 Whitney Biennial (previous March), True Mirror, True Mirror Microfiche (again) will attempt to channel the many forms of work made there (http://www.sinisterdexter.org) through the single new form of a projected microfiche lecture. This cubist variety show will present (exactly the same as before) various contributors to the original project, including Mark Aerial Waller as Prem Krishnamurthy, Cory Arcangel as Jerry Seinfeld as Cory Arcangel, RJ Bibby & UH Thompson (with Katie Barrington as UH Thompson) as John Russell's fax transmission, Fia Backstrom as Saul Anton, Mark Beasley as himself and as Rob Giampietro, Stephen Beasley as Bro Giampietro, Tom Benson as Miguel Abreu, Stuart Bailey as David Reinfurt, JJ Charlesworth as Domenick Ammarati, Vanessa Desclaux as Diana Kamin, Dan Fox as Domenick Ammarati, Beatrice Gibson as Shannon Ebner's pocket calendar / almanack, Jennifer Higgie as Larissa Harris, Ruth Hoeflich as Tobi Maier, Kaisa Lassinaro as Rose Kallal, Isla Leaver-Yap as Diana Kamin, Tom Marioni as himself, David Reinfurt as Stuart Bailey, Elissa Santiago as Caroline Busta, Lucy Skaer as Sarah Gephart, Mike Sperlinger as Mark Beasely, Cally Spooner as Sarah Crowner, Alex Waterman as himself, Will Holder as Adam Pendleton, and someone else as Michael Portnoy. The performances are presented for Talk Show, curated by Will Holder, working together with Richard Birkett and Jennifer Thatcher at the ICA. And remember:

The second rule is THERE IS NO FIRST RULE.


The (previous) script is available here:

The unedited script as a pocket book is available here:

More information on Talk Show is here:

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